Antitrust Litigation

Milberg’s Antitrust Practice Group prosecutes large, complex antitrust and trade regulation class actions and other cases that target some of the most powerful and well-funded corporate interests in the world.  These cases frequently expose concealed unlawful conduct such as price-fixing, monopolization, monopoly leveraging, tying arrangements, exclusive dealing, and refusals to deal.

Milberg’s Antitrust Practice Group has targeted illegal and anti-competitive practices in a wide array of industries.  Examples include:

  • targeting commodity price fixing and manipulation in metals commodity markets;
  • challenging illegal “pay for delay” agreements, phony patents, and other sham conduct in the pharmaceuticals industry;
  • fighting illegal price fixing among the world’s largest international air carriers; and
  • exposing illegal cartel output reduction schemes in various agricultural industries.

Our Antitrust Practice Group has successfully prosecuted numerous antitrust cases and is a recognized leader in advocating remedies and restitution for consumers, businesses, and investors wronged by anti-competitive conduct. 

Read about some of our outstanding antitrust recoveries.