Consumer Litigation

Milberg has long been a leader in the representation of consumers in a wide variety of actions nationwide where we seek to protect consumers from fraudulent and deceptive practices.  Among the types of cases in which Milberg has represented plaintiffs are those in which consumers bought defective products or were victims of deceptive advertising and marketing of goods and services.

In particular, we have repeatedly and successfully represented purchasers of defective electronic goods, which are often rushed into the marketplace before they are ready to be sold.  For example, we have represented consumers who purchased DVD players that are allegedly incapable of playing all DVD discs manufactured in conformity with the standards governing DVD authors.  We have also brought actions against Toshiba in connection with certain laptop computers and Iomega in connection with disc drives that plaintiffs alleged were defective.  Milberg was also a leader in litigation representing consumers harmed by technology companies' failures to honor warranty obligations to fix Y2K defects in computers.

We have also represented consumers in actions involving deceptive billing practices and other fraudulent conduct in the telephone industry.  For example, Milberg prosecuted RICO claims against major telephone carriers for their involvement in deceptive 900-number programs operating as unlawful games of chance, resulting in a nationwide settlement with MCI and a punitive damages award after trial against AT&T.

Milberg has had successful results in settling actions involving deceptive marketing of gasoline and other related problems.  For example, an action against Exxon alleging false and deceptive advertising designed to convince consumers who did not need premium gasoline to use it in their cars was successfully settled.  We also successfully settled an action against Quaker State for its alleged deceptive marketing of its Slick 50 engine treatment.

Milberg has also represented victims of illegal conduct under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.  In addition, the Firm has sued major providers of private mortgage insurance for kickback violations, resulting in substantial settlements.

Milberg is constantly looking to protect consumers by investigating cases where consumers have been the victims of fraudulent or deceptive conduct or where consumers have purchased defective or unsafe products.  We are always interested in hearing about such situations.  If you believe that you have been the victim of consumer fraud, please contact us at Report a Fraud.