Human Rights Litigation

Milberg has a long tradition of representing victims of human rights violations.  For example, we successfully represented Holocaust survivors who were conscripted by the Nazis as slave and forced laborers during World War II, as well as survivors who were harmed by the actions of Swiss banks and Switzerland during this period.  Approximately $7 billion was recovered as a result of this ligation and international mediation.  Additionally, Milberg litigated on behalf of Nigerian children who were victims of involuntary medical experimentation involving the drug Trovan.  After we established a groundbreaking precedent that nonconsensual human medical experimentation is a violation of customary international law, we obtained a favorable settlement from the defendant drug company.  More recently, Milberg has undertaken the challenging task of representing victims of international terrorism in lawsuits against entities that secretly financed terrorist organizations, including litigating claims on behalf of American citizens who were victims of terrorism in Colombia.