Attorney Referrals

Milberg “scored as the top firm for lead counsel participation in 2009.  It secured $1.44 billion in total recovery for its clients and achieved 10 settlements.  A federal district judge went on record that the firm has ‘perhaps unrivaled experience in securities class actions.’”
The National Law Journal, “Plaintiffs’ Hot List” (Oct. 4, 2010)


Andrei Rado
T: 212.594.5300 or 800.320.5081
Many of our cases are referred to us by lawyers who are helping clients outside of their practice areas.  Our resources and experience allow us to handle a wide variety of complex, resource-intensive cases on contingency, including securities class actions, derivative suits, consumer cases, SEC whistleblower cases, qui tam cases, antitrust cases, and ERISA litigation.  We have trial attorneys, a pioneering team of investigators, and an in-house E-Discovery group.  We can match resources with the largest defense firms, for as long as necessary.

In addition to welcoming straight referrals, we also regularly partner with attorneys working on significant matters throughout the country, devoting our resources and skill to maximize recoveries.  For decades we have successfully assisted and worked with firms large and small in actions against powerful corporations.  When we work with small firms, we typically advance all of the litigation costs.

We consider referrals at all stages of litigation.  At the pleading stage, we can assist referring attorneys in assessing the merits of a case, anticipating pitfalls, and locating and interviewing witnesses.  At the discovery stage, we are able to host electronic discovery in-house and offer referrers access to our review platform, Relativity®.  We also have the resources to hire the very best experts required for the case.  Throughout all stages of the litigation, our attorneys will brief and argue complex pre-trial motions such as class certification and summary judgment.  Because of these resources, settlements are higher when Milberg is lead or co-lead counsel.

Our referral relationships adhere to the strictest standards of legal ethics.  If you have a potential referral to discuss, please contact Andrei Rado, or any other lawyer at our Firm.